Welcome to BirdRes PNR Service
BirdRes PNR Service is your personal travel website that displays up-to-the-minute itinerary information & allows you to add and modify special services yourself!

View your travel itinerary online
Features include:
  • eTicket number(s)
  • Add/Change seat preference
  • Add/Change meal preference
  • Add/Change Freq Flyer Number
  • Select Mode Select GDS
    Enter Reservation Number
    Passenger's Last Name

    Accessing your online travel itinerary & making the Changes to Special Services!

    Birdres Pnrservice is powered by birdres.com and Amadeus, a Global Travel Distribution System . And is exclusively available to registered birdres users.

    Pnrservice provides ability to the customers of birdres.com registered agents to display/add & modify special service requests for their travel itineraries .

    Special Features include:

    • Display a trip itinerary
    • Modify and Add Seat, Meal Preference, Frequent Flyer Number, Mobile Number and Email Id.
    • Print & send by email the trip
    • Display Itinerary of AIR & RAIL Traveller can Add & Modify their Itinerary , No dependency on the Travel agent
    • Security = Passenger details are protected by PNR and surname combination. The traveller cannot modify the itinerary without the Password provided by the Travel agent
    • 24 * 7 service to the traveller